IMAG Badger

IMAG Badger

IMAG – The Inverness Museum and Art Gallery is located at the top of a steep hill in the heart of Inverness’s high street. Set behind a large, 1970’s design monstrosity, when you do make it up to the top of the hill, you’ll find a beautifully modern entrace, and usually some locally commissioned art on the walls ahead of you.

The first museum in Inverness was founded in 1826 for the ‘Northern Institute for the Promotion of Science and Literature’. Its collection was inherited by IMAG, which has been opening its doors to visitors since 1880. My sister and I joined the ranks of visitors who have come to learn, be educated, and enjoy the combination of modern art and a historic trip around scotland within the confines of the warm, sheltered, and cosy four walls of the museum.
Both my sister and I have been going to museums with our father for as long as we can remember, the Edinburgh Museum on Chambers Street being a particular favourite summer time destination. However with its refurbishment we have been forced to look elsewhere for our museum fix. So when she arrived the other weekend I thought this was a great opportunity to rekindle our youthful memories as well as give her an insight into the highland way of life.
Needless to say, we certainly did recall our youth, to be more accurate we reverted back to our youthful selfs. IMAG is fantastic for its interactive elements, most of which are designed to stimulate learning and understanding in actual children, rather then two adults in their mid-twenties. But it was fantastic, I couldn’t remember the last time I actually drew with crayons, bullied my younger sister into dressing up like a highlander, and attempting to play tunes on a synthesied organ. Brilliant.
However, what really made the visit enjoyable, was the dead animal section towards the end of the entire exhibit. Never in my life have I ever seen a seductive badger…I have now!
If you’re ever up in Inverness you need to check out IMAG. It’s a brilliant way to spend an hour or so rediscovering the excitement and laughter of youth.
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