Top 10 Viral Videos

Viral video marketing basically puts the hard work of promotion into the hands of your audience, web visitors and social networking friends and followers. It’s revolutionising the way large businesses are able to market themselves, engage their customers in a fun and exciting way, and communicate important messages.

The beauty of viral is that it could reach anyone, anywhere, at anytime. You just don’t know you might end up watching your viral video just because it made their friend laugh.

Goviral, a video content distributor published their list of top 10 viral videos for June 2010. Watch them below and let me know what you think.

Adidas – ‘Star Wars’ Cantina 2010

Volkswagen – ‘The Slide (Driven by Fun)

Head – ‘Andy Murray Street Magic in London’

Iceland – ‘Visit Iceland’

Coca-Cola Zero & Mentos – ‘The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car

Orbit Gum – ‘The Prom Date’

McDonald’s & Coca-Cola – ‘T-Shirt Wars 2’

GMC – ‘Dude Perfect: The Cliff Jump Shot’

Sapporo – ‘Legendary Biru’

Lynx Rise – ‘Jessica Jane Clement – Her Best Bits’


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